Graphic design & content: Piero Bisello
Photos: Fabrice Schneider
Team AHA: Aurélie Hachez, Camille Paty, Gautier Rey, Francesco Sarao
Date: 03 I 2019

Available on demand. Please enquire on info@aureliehachez.com


This publication was conceived as an artist book to be presented at the exhibition CCP Import Wallonie Bruxelles–Export Barcelona 2019. Departing from the traditional architecture portfolio, it emphasizes the artistic gestures used within architectural domestic projects, displaying them as real artworks.

It consists of three booklets, each of them focusing on a single project by Aurélie Hachez Architecture. They were conceived individually with a defined layout, chosen to convey the specific design process of every project, as well as a specific narration. They are packed into a folded cover where all the pragmatic architectural graphic information are printed in the inside, which functioned as an interpretation of the folded plans, the most banal architectural tool. Inside the folder, some additional documents are provided as inserts. Through them, the reader is given an even further narration by asking to place these elements in specific parts of the booklets, thus activating an artistic and associative dimension of the architectural practice.

For the project Oriel, the booklet comprises found text from literature, psychoanalysis, and architecture history, as well as original writings by Piero Bisello. This content gives a certain interpretation of the architectural features of the project. For example, concrete poetry along with images suggest the cuts in the design of the interior, and tales conveyed the atmosphere and changes in the history of the house. For the project l’Ermitage, ultra-zoomed pictures of the very refined furniture were displayed as unbounded posters, emphasizing their aesthetic specificity. For the project Ulysse, the layout is treated as an exhibition catalogue with different sections, depicting the project as a sculpture, an installation, and an art performance.